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Rooted in Self Mastery : Rewilding Success

About Us

Founded by Emma Wakefield, CEO of Success Alchemy Co. - The WildSelf Collective is the evolution of the Copper Moon Coven. 

The community for self-led Soul Founders -

**BEHIND THE SCENES OF BUSINESS** The wild ride folk don’t see in order to be in our creative genius.

Whilst other memberships focus on the front of house strategy of business - WildSelf is the space behind the scenes - The foundations of Self, of environment, of energy, of home life, of money, of relationships - In order to serve others from an energetically aligned place. 

Being a soul founder holds a whole other vibration in itself

Life is different the the ‘norm’ when a woman runs her own business, hires her own team, alchemises her own energy, leads herself + navigates the terrain from a whole other perspective. 

So yah, relationships will differ, expectations, energy, boundaries, non negotiables, family, money + parenting. 

Her main priority is SELF. She has self agency and knows that she is the one causing or generating actions + experiences. 

Without self there will be no business, money, energy, wealth etc etc

It's time to ReWild Success...

Why You Should Join Us

This membership is for Rebel Entrepreneurs, Soul Founders, Creative Visionaries, Alchemists + Healers alike - to ReWild the way we do business through an accessible and affordable platform for your evolutionary success. Not only will you have exclusively themed monthly content from Emma and guest experts, you'll have a wildly empowering collective by your side every step of your soul success journey! 

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